Mentorship & Rite of Passage

Activate Your Powers, Increase Your Capacity, Ground Your Legacy

For Bold
Outrageously Courageous
A Tad Bit Naughty
Women Leaders
On the Edge of a Metamorphosis

As a powerful, spiritual leader, you’re multi-passionate and boldly courageous, fueled by a desire to serve at your highest capacity so you can leave behind a legacy.

You’re successful and proud of what you’ve created in your life and in your business … yet, you’ve been experiencing an increasingly intense, edgy sense—one that you’ve resisted, ignored, or even felt repelled by—now bursting forth, impossible to ignore … activating your knowing that something needs to change. 

You’ve outgrown an aspect of yourself. Most likely in your business, too; after all, they’re interlinked.

As a powerful, spiritual leader, you’re multi-passionate and boldly courageous, fueled by a desire to serve at your highest capacity so you can leave behind a legacy.

You’re successful and proud of what you’ve created in your life and in your business … yet, you’ve been experiencing an increasingly intense, edgy sense—one that you’ve resisted, ignored, or even felt repelled by—now bursting forth, impossible to ignore … activating your knowing that something needs to change. 

You’ve outgrown an aspect of yourself. Most likely in your business, too; after all, they’re interlinked.


You’re not just one thing.

Your Essence is composed of many facets,

Yearning to be freely expressed.

In this liminal space between the known and the unknown, an inner death and rebirth is waiting to happen: an unlived potential, a dream you once had, a soul desire.

Whatever “it” is, you’re called to now listen and take action.

You’re entering a rite of passage…

your own becoming.

All parts of you. In all parts of your life.

I’m here to hold you in every aspect of this transformation, turning it into your legacy.

This Is My Gig. 

I’m Fearless In This Liminality. 

It’s What I Was Born To Do. 

Over the past 25 years, I’ve guided thousands of women in the process of coming apart and coming back together in a … metamorphosis.

I’m an expert at guiding women who have a sacred business, learn how to grow beyond where they are, and find the next iteration of their passion and purpose—all in service to the impact they’re here to make in the world.

…And I know how important it is to find guidance and support as you continue to grow your vision and capacity to serve.

Imagine the wild joy, life force and capacity you will feel when you…

  • See clearly that which is completed + done in every aspect of your life.
  • Connect with your current “evolutionary edge”—that which is yearning to be expressed through you—not just in your sacred business, but in your life.
  • Have the courage to let yourself live “the big, wild version” of your purpose,  rather than making do with what has been.
  • Re-write your own job description to be one that you are in love with (Read here: Letting go of things that aren’t yours to do anymore)!
  • Create new + inspiring structures that support you to more fully embody your vision in your life + business.
  • Stand in clarity + grounded power as you take action to manifest the legacy you want to endure beyond your lifetime.

I Believe In Legacy.

And I Know How to Help You Build One.

I’ve created a temple, which is home to 80k+ women worldwide, has a faculty of 20 amazing women, and offers courses to thousands every year. ⁠

This legacy took time to create; it required mentorship and support from another legacy bearer who has walked this courageous path.

You’ll know you’re ready when you feel an inner shift calling you from your “purpose work” to doing (and embodying) your “legacy work.” ⁠You’ll sense you’re here to leave a mark, a lasting change.

I’m here to help expand your capacity to
build a movement that will truly transform the world. ⁠

We’ll combine ceremony, ritual, and archetypal wisdom to clear, release, and heal what’s dying so that you become catalyzed and inspired to truly ground and manifest your most outrageous, juicy, soulful legacy.

You’ll receive profoundly personalized 1:1 support—and priority access to me—as you listen in for the deepest, most powerful medicine you carry and bring THAT to every aspect of your life and sacred business.

So much of who I am today is because I had the wonderful opportunity of working
with Elayne Kalila .

She has been my mentor and teacher for the past 10 years, and she’s really helped me step into my power. She’s helped accelerate my evolutionary growth and she’s helped me discover who I am and dare to share my love and shine my light out into the world. She helped me come from a place of feeling powerless, hopeless, and really unsure about my purpose to now standing as a feminine leader of my own sacred work in the world. And it’s through her presence, through her love, through her wisdom that this has been possible. I’m so grateful for all that she’s done in my life. And if you ever have the chance to work with her in any capacity, I highly recommend it. Elayne is a gift.

Aurora Farber - Intuitive Oracle, Writer, Alchemical Priestess

I am here to share with you how profoundly my life has been changed by working
with Elayne Kalila.

I started working with Elayne about seven years ago, and I’ve been steadfast and consistent in my devotion to sitting with her as a teacher and mentor.

I have been touched deeply. My heart has been touched deeply. My life has been touched deeply. The way I do my work in the world has been influenced so deeply by Elayne. The way I’m a mother has been so deeply influenced , and so it’s in my deepest joy to share with you, if you’re considering studying with Elayne, to join, to say yes, to heed the call. Anytime time with Elayne is time well spent.

Leigh Senna - Women's sexuality and Pleasure teacher.

I first met Elayne Kalila in 2016. It was transformative. Her energy just blasted me. And I felt hot. I was sweating. I was like, “Wow, something’s really happening here.” And so I stepped into her training program and it was life-transforming. It really took my understanding of the material that I was teaching and the space that I was holding to a whole new level. 

Kalila holds just impeccable space. And I have so much trust in her because her background really supports this deep level of mystical work and training that she provides as a psychotherapist, but also as someone who has been in deep service to women in particular, but also to all humanity.

I am so grateful to call her my mentor.

Lettie Sullivan - Founder of The Goddess Ministry

I’ve had the great honor of being mentored by Elayne Kalila Doughty over the last eight plus years.  I have been supported to deepen my capacity and presence and my skills as a transformational guide in every part of my life. I have been able to shift the way that I carry myself in the world; the way that I hold space for others in my wellness center and my community; the work that I do personally; and in the way that I raise my children.

Elayne Kalila is the real deal. If you’re contemplating stepping into any one of her programs, I highly recommend it. There’s just such a beautiful unfolding that happens through each one of them.

Dianne Chalifour - Transformational Guide, Owner of Earth Harmony Wellness Center

Elayne Kalila she has helped me to soften, connect to my heart, become more loving of myself and others in my world. As a physician and a surgeon, that’s my original training. I really came of age in a world where I had to act like a man in order to get anywhere. What I’ve learned working with Kalila, is how to be a leader from the perspective of being a strong, powerful, and sovereign woman, and that is priceless.

Jennifer Hasenyager- Physician and Surgeon


Aurora Farber

Leigh Senna

Lettie Sullivan

Unparalleled, Highly Personalized, 1:1 Support

When you join Metamorphosis, you’ll receive deeply individualized support from me as your personal guide + initiator.

Come to know the power of being held in a way that honors and celebrates all of you!

Bespoke divination, rituals + ceremonies

  • Designed just for you so you can get unstuck, see clearly, free your energy, and create from a place of inspired action + creative joy!
  • Open to the magic of a sacred container where the greater-than-imagined can take shape.
  • Created so you can empower, spice up, and add flair, juiciness, nourishment and soul depth to every part of your life.

Personalized mentorship to increase your capacity to embody your mission + purpose

  • Address limiting beliefs that keep you operating from an old mindset that doesn’t empower your vision.
  • See where you’re blocked from receiving support.
  • Get practices that help you ground + increase your capacity to give + receive in a balanced, nourishing way. 


Accountability through each phase of your rite of passage

  • Be initiated + challenged to align with your “evolutionary growth edge.” 
  • Receive grounded feedback, witnessing, and support as you honestly evaluate what needs to be shifted + changed within you + your world. 
  • Real-time, priority access to me via Voxer + 1:1 support (in-person and online).


Experience a Soul Makeover—on every level—in your sacred business + your life

  • Yes! I mean everything! Renew your life so it feels richer, more expressed, and more you—from the clothing you wear + ways you adorn your body, to how your home and business look + feel. 
  • Refresh your soul + business brand. 
  • Find the images, symbols, words to ground and express who you are + what your world is becoming.


Awaken your new, authentic power

  • Awaken the latent gifts + unique magic that’s ready to be fully embodied.
  • Practice sitting in the throne of your authentic power + governing your sacred business.
  • Feel how much more energy is available to you—fresh insight + inspiration.


You’ll heal, release, and complete all that is ready to be done, then emerge with an increased capacity to freely express yourself —in all areas of your life—and, finally, activate your newly claimed powers. 



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Dianne Chalifour

Elsa Perrez Dean

Jennifer Hasenyager

Your Individual Journey:

This is All About You

No area of your life is off limits! 

Yes, it’s going to get intimate and personal! 

After all, walking your talk, embodying your message, and transmitting it to the world requires that every area of your life comes into deeper alignment…

This is where the fun begins!

Darling, depending on your personal circumstances, we could cover anything from…

1. Yourself

2. Health/Body

3. Intimate Others

4. Sacred Business

5. Wealth + Abundance

6. Spiritual Support + Connection

7. Soul Enrichment + Nourishment

8. Contribution + Legacy

The Metamorphosis Rite of Passage  

Activate Your Powers,
Increase Your Capacity,
Ground Your Legacy
(in 6 months)

During Metamorphosis, I am your personal soul midwife—for every aspect of your life.  

You will make way for an evolving version of YOU to emerge … and with this, every aspect of your life will shift.

There will be moments filled with depth, challenge, and a lot of FUN!

With high-touch, personalized guidance and care, you’ll activate your powers, increase your capacity to serve and embody who you are now, and ground the legacy you’re called to leave behind.

…And I will be there to celebrate you as you emerge into the newest version of your sacred business and life so you can build a legacy in all aspects of your world!

8 Gateways


Your Core Wounds/Core Gifts


Being With What Has Been


Letting Go of What Was


Sitting in the Void


Feeling + Listening to What is to Come


Distilling the Essence 

emergence + birth 

Rite of Passage

embodiment+ vision

BE-ing in the World + Mapping the Future

When I first discovered Elayne online years ago, I knew I had met my mentor. She embodies everything I aspire to be as a sacred feminine leader. Her work is rich and relevant for our times, while also being steeped in ancient wisdom. The love you feel from her is genuine, and she is an incredible teacher and mentor for those looking to deepen their own sacred leadership, understand feminine archetypes, and walk the path of the Priestess. My business has grown and deepened so much since working with her 1:1 and being in the temple’s group programs. The energy work and leadership mentoring we do has expanded my capacity to serve more women, grounded my life and business in sacredness, and allowed me more creative expression than ever before. I am eternally grateful for her guidance.

Flora Ware

Learning to embody the Priestess Path has offered me the rituals, insights, conversations and sisterhood I need to experience my full potential in this life. It’s a fun and beautiful way for me to heal and release the wounds and patterns that innately hold me back with conscious choice.

Kalila is a beauty and genius to work with and her delivery is nothing less than a sparkly golden light that beams from her heart to yours to the goddess. And so your Path is the one less traveled but, with Kalila and this goddesshood, you are never alone.”

Jeanine Yoder - The Coach's Coach


You’ll receive all of the following in this 9 month rite of passage.

  • 2 deep-dive, 1:1 transformational calls per month designed to catalyze + support you through your rite of passage.
  • Weekly personalized divination + archetypal support for you to get unstuck + inspired.
  • Priority access to me via Unlimited Voxer so you can share updates in real time; I’ll respond with directives, initiations, and challenges specifically tailored to you. Text or message any time and I’ll be there to assist you!
  • Bespoke solo practices like healing journeys, assignments, clearings, and rituals channeled especially for you (audio, vidoes, handouts) connected to your emergent archetypes here to guide you in your greater-than-imagined desires + visions!  
  • A personalized essential oil blend created specifically for you—as an anointing priestess, I’ll create a blend of sacred plants, trees, and flowers with a prayer + invocation for you as energetic support through your metamorphosis.
  • Special surprise ritual gifts along the way to support you on your journey. Giving gifts is one of my love languages! 

PLUS This Very Special, Rare 1:1 Opportunity—Just You & Me…

    3 days of In-Person or Online Personalized Ceremony + Ritual 

    Included in the 9 month mentorship

    Come to my home temple for 3 days of potent, delicious immersion (we can discuss details when we talk!). This is a fantastic way to accelerate your journey.


    Connect for a total of 3 days for personalized rituals online. If you choose this option, we’ll meet once every 2 moons (months) for a full day of deep dive ritual, practice, and transformation—specifically designed to support you wherever you are in your journey.

    Whether in-person at my home or online, we’ll open sacred space for 3 periods during the day for deep dive work and then you’ll spend time offline to luxuriate in practice, ceremony, and integration.

    9 month rite of passage

    $30,000 in full/$5,000 deposit 


    9 payments of $3,333