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The Reckoning

It’s been quite a ride over the last 3 months and you may have noticed that we have been on hiatus. The end of 2023 held a lot more in store for me than I could have anticipated!

In this first episode of the new season, I bring forward my heart in a whole new way. Having traversed a very real death and rebirth cycle, I arrive to you now with compassion, love, and some well-timed humor – as I reflect on what it means to be walking this path of love.

Join me for this deep, heartfelt revelation of what I am now calling “The Reckoning.” 

As you know, over the last year I have been diving deeply into this rite of passage known as perimenopause.  

In this episode, we explore the profound transformations and challenges that come with the rites of passage in a woman’s life, particularly during perimenopause and menopause.

What is this transition all about really? 
I have had hundreds of conversations with all kinds of women at this point about what they have struggled with, including all the wild symptoms in the body — hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, aches and pains, emotional roller coasters — you name it…
And yet, the one thing that they all have in common is not the physical or emotional symptoms, but the incredible power of this transition. 

A rite of passage that is marked by some kind of Reckoning that has us face into what we have avoided – until now – and really look at it in the eye. 

Whatever that thing is, it finds us all eventually. Join me as I skate around the inner landscape of what it looks like for millions of women to come of age – as Queens, Magicians, Empresses, Wise Women, and Generatrix of a new world. 

In this episode, we explore:

  • Women’s rites of passage, the Underworld + the Reckoning
  • Perimenopause, Grief, and Love
  • Facing fears and demons in the dark
  • Price of patriarchal domination on our feminine bodies
  • How do we embrace The reckoning as a time when we must confront everything within ourselves that we have not yet healed or loved into wholeness?
  • The journey of self-mothering and self-love — what is it?
  • Embracing the mystery of life and the beauty and horror that coexist within it, finding a deeper understanding and compassion for oneself and others


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