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In this very first episode,  join Elayne Kalila as she shares about the conception and birth of the RED podcast. This creation has been a long time coming into being!

RED calls Bold Inspired, Outrageously Courageous & Just a Tad Bit Naughty Women Leaders To Gather…

We will trace the lineage ley lines of the RED WOMEN, back to Mary Magdalene, Lilith, Hildegard Von Bingen, Morgan Le Fey, Yeshe Tsogel, St.Teresa of Avila, Boudicca, Joan of Arc,  to name but a few! 

We will call in all the notorious, sacred rebel women, who were told that they were too much, too alive, too sensual, too wild, too outspoken, too erotic, or too bright. 

Women who challenged and shook up the status quo, women who dared to bring the fullness of their magnificence, oftentimes to a world that judged, scorned or worse still reviled them!

In essence we will invoke the RED women throughout herstory and remember our place amongst them. 

So come join me… and them around the rose round table of RED WOMEN. 

Get ready for some RED WOMAN TALK

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