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Red Women Talk about Opulence and Scarcity


Join Elayne Kalila and Jessica Hadari as they dive into a whole plethora of topics that affect us as women who are called to step into deeper leadership.

You’re going to want to listen to Jessica’s amazing story of profound transformation—from being unwell and at her lowest, then how this created the way for a huge shift in her understanding of abundance.   

What is the polarity pairing of scarcity and abundance?  

How does opulence offer us a different lensing? 

You’re going to want to hear what Jessica has to say!

Here’s some of what we explore in this episode: 

  • Opulence & fear—what does it look like to step into this … and why are we afraid of receiving it? 
  • Self-limitations—how do we face these?
  • Surprising gift of scarcity—there’s something that can come from the moments we feel most stuck in this mindset. You’ll want to hear what this is… 



Jessica Hadari is the founder of the Spiritual Women Leaders Networking meetup group, the Feminine Frequency Global Festival and the Women of Color Wisdom Series.

For over 10 years her celebrated networking events have represented a new paradigm in heart-centered women’s leadership, centered around wisdom sharing and collaborative business building. 

She has been a business coach for 15 years. During the pandemic many of her clients celebrated earning $20K, $50K and even $100K with their courses and programs.

She’s a mother, yoga teacher, officiant, and her favorite role in life is as a doting auntie.

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