RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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Join Elayne Kalila for season one’s 12th and final RED Podcast! 

All of the juicy discussions this season have woven together to share what it really means for women to step into our full, embodied, erotic aliveness and power. 

In this final episode, meet one of the 6 faces of the Magdalene—the Sovereign Queen. Who is She and why is She calling so many of us at this time?

You’ll also hear about one of Kalila’s favorite famous (RED) women: Boudicca from the Celtic Iceni Tribe. Together we will learn about her story and feel the power of what is being called through us at this time. 

We sit at a crossroads that impacts the FEMININE in so many ways. With the advent of the leak of the document laying out the intention to overturn roeVwade and ban abortion – there is a rally cry for the Sovereing RED women. 

In this episode we will meet the Sovereign Queen – another one of the 6 faces of the Magdalene – or the RED Women!


Here’s some of what’s explore in this episode:

  • Authentic power—what does this really mean?   
  • Council—how can we, as women, come together in this way?  
  • Sovereign Queen—what defines this and how can She support us as an archetype?   
  • Watchtower Women—who are they?   
  • Your Sovereign Throne—how do you connect with and claim this?   
  • Virgin—what does this really mean?   
  • …and finally, what does it mean to be whole unto ourselves?

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