RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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RED women talk about Sacred Androgyny Join Elayne Kalila and amazing artist and {r}evolutionary Lianie Love Dalby as they dive into a wild and fantastic ride to discover the world of sacred androgyny. In a world that seeks to put us all in neat boxes where we will behave ourselves – we need those who are willing to stretch the pardaims, and pioneer the fullest expression of unique diversity. So in this episode Elayne Kalila and Lainie love SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY QUEER  Lainie Love offers us personal stories, and activates her, vulnerability and a role modeling of what it looks like to shamelessly sparkle…
  • She offers a wonderful oracle reading from her Sacred {R}Evolutionary Oracle Deck 
  • What does it mean to live our fullness
  • What does it look like to fly our freak flag?
  • What are we healing as we embrace who we truly are?
  • What does sexulaity and expression look like when it is on a continuum of fluidity?
  • What does it mean to embrace our inner masculine and feminein?
  • How are we being called to our {R}Evolutionary Potential?
      This is the card reading that she gave us Card 48: Ignite Your (R)Evolutionary Potential  Ignite your revolutionary potential  “the revolutionary impulse of life – that rises and blossoms into my fullness…  Sparkling radiant metamorphosis –  Ecstatic devotion to the heart of matters most.  Lainie Love Dalby is a Galactic Rainbow Shamaness on a mission to free Humxn Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty. She’s a trailblazer of womxn’s spirituality and empowerment, holy ceremonialist, transformational speaker and retreat facilitator, #1 bestselling author, shamanic healing artist, the cosmic creatrix of the new Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle and the founder of the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy that offers training for personal & planetary trandformation. As a spiritual thought leader with her own flavor of multimedia ministry, she is using daring style, deep substance and Divine #SOULSPARKLE to dismantle old systems, ideas, and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential so that we can come wildly & unapologetically ALIVE.  She is also deeply passionate about ending the rampant disregard for LIFE, especially the overt & covert violence that’s perpetrated against the Sacred Feminine and our own bodies, by restoring sacred reconnection around the globe. To that end, she gathers womxn & the LGBTQ community in both live & virtual sacred circles to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation.  Ultimately, she’s igniting a constellation of millions of star beings Sparkling SHAMELESSLY across the globe to help flood the house of humanity with light, love & healing. Embark on the journey with her at and  Free Gift: Unleash the Wild & Erotic Feminine Within Immersion – 

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