RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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Join Elayne Kalila and Nisha Moodley as they dive into a wild and deeply touching ride – to do with standing in leadership whilst embracing ALL of our humanity. Owning it ALL! This is the second of our 3 podcasts dedicated and inspired by PRIDE month …

Come with us as we banter about  what it means to lead from the heart and soul of devotion. What does it look and feel like to lead from a place of vulnerability and truth that embraces ALL of who we are… the Wyrd and the wonderful. 

Deepen into the heart of Devotional leadership as we embrace the whole colorful gamut of our humanity- in all of its shapes and colors. Nisha shares deeply and authentically about the challenges that we face. 

  • What is to be Devoted?
  • Why do we need devotional leadership?
  • What is it to lead from within our own messy and imperfectly perfect lives?
  • How do embrace all of who we are as we develop new ways of leading in the world
  • What is the connection between devotional leadership and vulnerability?
  • What does it look like to stay in our hearts and open to the world that is so full of suffering?


Nisha Moodley guides women of depth into the depths of devotion, to fully unearth and birth their sacred Work. Nisha is a Devotional Leadership Coach, the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, the host of Devotion Podcast, and a mom. As a biracial woman with a background and training in health & executive coaching, intergenerational & energy healing, and community building, she has a unique relationship to the ecology of leadership, and the ability to catalyze deep growth for her clients.

For over a decade, Nisha’s guided mastermind circles, online communities, and over 50 retreats, supporting women to liberate their leadership and weave their gifts in service of a more beautiful world.

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