RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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RED Women Talk about the Embodiment of TRUTH

Join Elayne Kalila and Tanya Paluso as they dive into the power of sitting in circle with women.  Tanaya shares her personal story and powerful initiations she went through in reclaiming her own femininity – and recovering from being a woman who did not like to hang with other women. 

We talk about the initiations that we as women go through in our lives and how crucial it is to be held in circles of support and deep witnessing as we change and grow . 

  • How radical and revolutionary it is to be in circle
  • What it means to be patriarchy’s daughter and the journey to heal and recover our feminine power.
  • What is the sister wound? How does it affect us and how can we heal it?
  • How do we reclaim our wild feminine- who is SHE and what does SHE want!

Tanya Lynn is the Founder of Sistership Circle, best selling author of “Open Your Heart” and “The Art of Leading Circle,” and host of The Brave Woman podcast. Tanya has spent the past 10 years sitting in and leading circles, training other leaders to master group facilitation and teach women how to step into their power and reveal their true selves.

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