RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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RED Women Talk about the Embodiment of TRUTH

Join Elayne Kalila and KC Baker as they explore what it means for us to stand in our truth as women – both in our public and intimate personal lives.

Come and dive into a very personal, intimate conversation about the initiatory path of learning how to embody and speak out truth as women – and what it takes for us to do this in our inner lives. KC shares very boldly and vulnerably what it has =meant for her to be initiated into a deeper devotion to her own voice, her story will touch you and leave you feeling connected to how important it is for us as women to trust our inner knowing and voice.  

  • What have we been taught about speaking and sharing ourselves publicly through the lens of the masucline and patriarchy?
  • How do we start to decolonize our voices?
  • What is the privilege of having a voice?
  • Explore the history of what has happened to women who have spoken their truth 
  • Why it is  imperative that we find our voices and speak?
  • How do we fully embody our voice and truth?
  • What is the price we pay in our inner lives when we don’t speak our truth? 

When we speak out truth we speak up for all those who are not able to do so – all those in our lienages who have been silenced, and show stories need to be told through us. 

KC Baker is devoted to unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices worldwide and in a short period of time has received international acclaim and recognition for her unique body of work.

She has spoken and taught at The United Nations, Women@Microsoft, and TEDxWomen, among others. She was an Advisor on Authentic Communication for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker, and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Love, and Women 2.0, KC has been hailed as “One of the Top Planetary Changemakers” by Origin Magazine.

She has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence and clarity to speak up and create change.

Her clients are women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, platinum record selling famous rockstars, authors, founders of foundations, Olympians, TED/TEDx speakers, politicians and non-profit social change-makers.

Women who have worked with KC have gone on to speak on stages such as The American Heart Association, TED & TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Bioneers, Emerging Women, Lamaze International, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Hass Business School at UC Berkeley, conferences and symposiums around the world, and local community gatherings.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has produced her own children’s music album, and is a lover of dance, singing and nature. She lives in Sedona, Arizona with her family.

KC Baker is devoted to unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices worldwide. As the founder and CEO of WomanSpeak, she has supported thousands of women around the world in her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies for helping women to clarify their messages, write career changing talks, and find the internal safety to speak up in their public, professional & personal lives.

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