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Sensual Intelligence with Shawnrey Notto

Join Elayne Kalila and the beautiful Shawnrey Notto as they explore how we can claim our sensual intelligence.

During this juicy episode, we talk about all the ways we can be sensually alive within our bodies.

Shawnrey leads us in an experience of how to BE in our bodies and expand our capacity for pleasure. 

You’ll want to hear about how Shawnrey awakened her sensual intelligence through a very painful experience … and how this began her healing journey. 

What is Sensual intelligence, really? 

Get ready to have a shift in perspective!

Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • 8 archetypes of sensual intelligence (and yes, there is a quiz to find out which one is most expressed in you!)
  • Become more aware of how you’re not present in your body & how to come back
  • Shadow the places that you might hold shame & shut down 
  • Feel the joy of being free from the shame that keeps you hiding out

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Shawnrey is the Sensual Intelligence and Embodiment guide, teaching and inspiring people to embody their joy, pleasure, and self-love.

She is the author of Sensual Intelligence: The Lost IQ. She blends 15+ years of dance, erotic poetry, and mindfulness to connect mind, body, spirit, and pleasure. Her purpose is to awaken people to their raw, sensual power so they can feel the beauty of their aliveness.  

She believes that we can change the world by healing our relationship with our bodies.

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