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What Home Is—With Elayne Kalila

Join Elayne Kalila for this intimate share about weaving our way home. 

She comes to you from her ancestral and childhood home, in England, to share what it means to stand betwixt and between two worlds, two cultures, and two selves. 

You’ll want to listen to Elayne as she explores the mythic journey of her life—the first 27 years in the UK and the second 27 years in the USA. 

This marks a potent rite of passage; so it’s no surprise she’s been called back to England on a soul retrieval, a soul mission. 

In this episode, Elayne Kalila also draws back the curtain on the hilarious mishaps of a menopausal woman, who is finding and recohereing her roots and investigating what it feels like to remember herself. 

Be sure to tune in as she dives into the curious nature of how we’re shaped by the landscapes that we inhabit…

Here’s some of what Elayne Kalila explores in this episode: 

  • Where is home for you? 
  • What does home mean? 
  • How do we reconcile the severed roots of home? 
  • Be invited to ponder what parts of yourself are ready to be retrieved, rewoven, and reclaimed 
  • How is your life mythic? What is the bigger story of your life and what rite of passage are you being called to stand at? 

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