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Bridge Between Worlds—With Christine Gutierrez

Join Elayne Kalila and Christine Gutierrez as they dive into what it means to be a bridge between the worlds.

Christine and Elayne Kalila are clinically trained psychotherapists and they both bring women together in deeply transformational spaces that draw from the priestess and shamanic worlds of healing.

During this beautiful conversation, they talk about the need to honor the strength of clinical training alongside intuitive, instinctual gifts that we all carry.

They also shared how important it is to draw from our personal lineages which are accessed through inner knowing and embodied practice.


Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • What it means to draw healing traditions from your own indigeneity & cultural/spiritual roots
  • Why we need training where we can explore the femimine healing arts embedded within us
  • How to offer deeply transformational spaces & hold them with integrity and a strong foundation
  • Why rites of passage are so needed for us as women as we move from Maiden – Mother – Queen – Crone 



Christine Gutierrez, MA, LMHC, is a Latina licensed psychotherapist merging ancient wisdom with a modern  approach, the author of the book I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself and Coming Back Home to Soul. Christine has a Bachelor’s degree from Fordham University in human behavior and development and a Master’s degree from City College of New York in mental health counseling with a focus on prevention and community. Through her work, Christine offers private coaching, group coaching, transformational retreats such as her annual Diosa Retreat in Puerto Rico and her annual Diosa Creatrix Retreat in Bali. 

In addition, Christine is the founder of the Diosahood, a global community where like-hearted women gather to heal, to inspire one another, and to collaborate. She has been featured in Time Out NY, Latina Magazine, Yahoo Health, Ebony, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Huffington Post, Telemundo, and others. Christine currently resides in Puerto Rico with her husband Fernando Samalot, their pup Bodhi and their daughter Mar de Luz. 

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