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Home, Part 2

Welcome to another episode of the Red Podcast. 

Over the summer, I’ve become more clear that the purpose of this podcast is to amplify an intimacy, a connection, that brings us into contact with our humanity and our divinity. 

I’m clear that the more we root into our humanity, we open ourselves to our divine presence. 

So, today, join me, from England, as I take you on another intimate musing about the nature of home, and the journey of becoming more fully human, or anthropos

During my travels this summer, I’ve been opened up. I’ve been less busy, more emptied. Because of this, I’ve found my way back to something that feels simple and quintessential within me. 

It’s humorous, tender, and oh, so very human. 

Come sit with me awhile as I muse on how deeply I find myself in the subtle nuances of this land and the people that I grew up with—we’ll even visit my mum’s grave together. 

Here’s some of what Elayne Kalila explores in this episode: 

  • Visit my mum’s grave in England, within the cemetery where I used to play as a kid
  • The liminal space where life & death communes with one another
  • Musings on the sacred & the profane
  • What home really is—this is such a profound question

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