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The Rose Lineage—with Marin Bach-Antonson

In this episode, join Elayne Kalila and Marin as they dive into being called on the priestess path. 

How are we initiated to step onto it? 

What does this bring up to heal in our personal lineages and in the collective? 

If you’ve ever wondered what a Rose Priestess is … or what the path of the rose is, then you’ll want to listen to this episode!

Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • What calls us to the path of the Priestess
  • Remembrance—what it means 
  • The path of remembrance  
  • The Magdalene—who is she, what is this path, and how does she show up within us?  
  • The power of the rose
  • What the Rose Lineage is—and how you might recognize it at work in your life 

Together, they celebrate the very messy human life that is at the center of our journey to reveal our inner divinity … and what it takes to embrace that and choose how we are called to walk as love. 



The High Priestess Vision Ceremony

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Marin Bach-Antonson is a Magdalene Rose priestess, a Mystic, and an emissary of the Divine Mother.  

She is the creatrix of the Priestess Rising Mystery school and the Magdalene Mastery Path where she works with women who are called to activate their rose codes, illuminate their wombs, awaken their diamond light body matrix and midwife the on-coming golden age.   

She also leads sisterhood retreats and pilgrimages at powerful vortex sites.  At the core of her work, Marin holds space for feminine soul initiation and opening the sacred heart.

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