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The Rose Lineage—with Annabel Du Boulay

Join Elayne Kailila and rose lineage priestess, Annbel Du Boulay, as they trace the ancient history and pre-history of the rose lineage. 

In this fascinating discussion, they dive into the connection between the Venus cycle, the myths of Inanna and Erishkagel, Demeter and Persephone, and Sophia.  

Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • The connection between Venus, Innana, Demeter, and Sophia 
  • The Venus Journey from Morning Star to Evening Star 
  • The power of the Venus Rose
  • What it is to live life as the initiation
  • What it is to awaken through the underworld journey


Annabel also shares her powerful, personal story of initiation through the births of her first and third children who were both born with serious health conditions which plunged her into an intense underworld journey. 

She shares how this initiated her on the Path of Sophia and the Rose Mysteries.



Annabel Du Boulay is the Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel® and a Rose Priestess of Avalon with over 30 years of embodied experience and academic research in the Rose and Celtic Lineages, including 22 years journeying on the Holy Isle of Avalon. She is an international teacher, speaker and author of the witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale, and runs an extensive online and in-person events programme, including The Avalon Rose Priestess & Practitioner Trainings with Pilgrimages to Glastonbury and Sicily, as well as The Rose Moon Membership journeying with the Venus Cycle. 

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