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The Venus Cycle Mysteries

Join Elayne Kalila and Tami Brunk—an incredible shamanic astrologer—as they explore the embedded mystery of the Venus Cycle—one that offers us a blueprint for understanding the deeper journey of “ensoulment.” 

Venus, the planet, represents the Goddess of Love. Tami has been teaching the Venus Mysteries for over 12 year and is captivated by her—our “sister” planet. 

Come with us as we journey through her light and dark phases—through all parts of the souls journey to incarnation and enoulment. 

We dive into the some of the following:

  • How does Venus’ 584 day cycle between Morning Star and Evening Star guide us to become fully human?  
  • Meet Venus as the Morning Star and the Evening Star
  • How the Venus Cycle impacts our lives
  • The differences between those of us born under the Morning Star Venus and Evening Star Venus—truly fascinating stuff!
  • What it means to be an Earth-Sky woman

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Earth Sky Woman Tami Brunk, MS, BA founder of the Earth Sky Woman Podcast, co-founder of Venus Alchemy is an Earth Mystic, Astrologer and Dream Healer helping world changers, visionaries, healers and earth-lovers  empower their work with the ancient tools of Sky Alchemy and Earth Dreaming.

She is a fully Certified Shamanic Astrologer and past president of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, and fully certified Active Dreaming Teacher.  She is also a certified Permaculture designer,  Reiki II Practitioner, co-founder of the Marda Permaculture Farm in the West Bank of Palestine, Co-founder of Urban Ecovillage incubator Querencia Green and longtime ally for indigenous communities.

Her life passion is to empower activists, world changers, healers and pragmatic visionaries through her work with astrology, earth ceremony, dreamwork, and collective Earth Dreaming practices.

3 Things I like to explore

Hygieia: Healing the European Mother Line with White Snake Woman
Choosing Ensoulment Through the Venus Inanna Descent Mysteries
Ix Chel and the Daughters of the Moon Womb Mysteries

A Question I like to be asked: What does it mean to be an Earth Sky Woman?

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