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The Power of Red—With Elayne Kalila

Welcome back to the RED Podcast. We’re so excited to enter our 3rd season at the beginning of a new year!

Get ready for many more riveting, soul searching, deeply activating, catalyzing, and initiating conversations with women who are leading from the edge of their own evolution. 

…We laugh, cry, get our tongues tied up, and offer genuine love—from our hearts—to you…

So, let’s open up our new season! 

In this episode, Elayne Kalila dives into our relationship to our bodies, our menstrual cycles, our blood, our sense of time, and how we can enter the year in a whole new way. 

Get ready to go on quite a ride through what it means for us to INHABIT our female body and listen to the innate rhythm of our own soul journey.

You’lll also be invited into a deeper journey into the Great Mother’s Temple to retrieve the SEEDS that you are being called to more fully embody this year…

Here’s some of what Elayne explores in this episode: 

  • Her-story of finding out why menstruation has been so shamed, and reviled—and how the wisdom of our cyclical nature had been deliberately hidden!
  • How tuning into the cycles of our bodies, the moon, and the wheel of the year can impact our lives. 
  • Ways to honor the beginning of the year.
  • How to listen into the “seeds of potential” that lie within you.

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