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The Magdalenas & the Myrrhophores—with Diana DuBrow & Elayne Kalila

Join Elayne Kalila and Diana DuBrow as they explore the history of women who have been called to be sacred passage guides and death doulas—the ones who hold the veils open between life and death.

Immerse yourself in the incredible temple stories that Diana—an esteemed and precious elder in this tradition—offers us. 

…It’s a rare gift to sit at the feet of one who is such a living vessel of wisdom! 

Elayne Kalila and Diana share deeply and vulnerably  about the death portal and what it means to offer the gift of grace in the face of death.

Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • Who were the ancient Myrrhophores & why are we being called to remember them at this time?
  • How are the Myrrhophores & the Magdalenas connected?
  • What is a Scent Priestess?
  • Why are we now remembering, as a collective,  the holy art of anointing?
  • Why are so many of us feeling called to the Magdalene path?
  • How does the ancient role of the priestess fit into our modern world?  

To  learn more about the Rosa Mystica Mystery School and the Scent Priestess Training:

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