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Magdalene Speaks Through Us—With Sue Ellen Parkinson

Join Elayne Kalila and the fabulous artist, Sue Ellen Parkinson, as they open an intimate space to share how Mary Magdalene is calling so many of us to listen to Her and express her wisdom through art, poetry, music, and transmissions. 

Immerse yourself in this amazingly undulating and meandering conversation that expresses the power of art and how important it is for us to “see” and receive images of the Feminine. 


Here’s some of what they explore in this episode: 

  • What does it mean to “meet the Divine Feminine within us?”
  • The story behind why Sue Ellen painted the Magdalene over 23 times
  • The patriarchy—and how it’s trained us to feel less than, unworthy, or that we’re imposters
  • How art can quicken our spiritual practice

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear about her next work of art depicting Brigid and the Cailleach, and the wisdom this piece holds for us. 

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Sue Ellen Parkinson Bio:

Iconographer, and mystic, Sue Ellen Parkinson, paints images of the Sacred Feminine. She is a strong believer that imagery can help us to transform our world. 

Her life’s work is to replace the negative images of the patriarchy, with the true and positive images of the Divine. She has been particularly drawn to working with Mary Magdalene. She says, “Magdalene is the perfect icon to represent all the women who have been historically erased, and unjustly maligned.” 

She also paints Lilith, Eve, Saint Anne, Saint Brigid, Quan Yin, and many others. By depicting these great women with a deep and loving respect, she herself has been healed.  

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