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Kalila – Magdalene & The Way of Love.

Join Elayne Kalila as she dives into her own exploration of the Way of Love.

It’s Valentine’s Day … but where does this celebration of love originate? 

You’ll be surprised—so be sure to listen in!


Here’s some of what’s explored in this episode:

  • Honor of courtly love, the troubadours, Cathars, and the lineage of the Way of Love
  • How to feel the power of what love actually is, and explore some of the many different types of love
  • Feel how the Magdalene is calling us to deepen into her exquisite, bold, challenging ministry to truly walk as love

Join Elayne Kalila as she shares very vulnerably about her own pathway to the Way of Love, including many of the ways that she’s been most deeply challenged by her own belief that she was unable to truly love another. 

And finally, Elayne Kalila shares a spoken word piece with you that was created last year, called: Love.

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