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Visionary Women – What We Need to KNOW to ground our Vision

Join Elayne Kaila and one of her most esteemed and brilliant supporters and mentors Madeleine Wyke Silva. 

Behind every woman sacred business leader there has to be a plethora of support, this work of being a transformational leader, divine feminine entrepreneur  is not for the faint of heart! A couple of years ago Elayne Kalila knew she needed new eyes to help support the legacy of the priestess presence temple…this is when she met Madeleine and things have never been quite the same! 

In this amazing conversation Elayne Kalila shares one other most treasured resource with you – to go behind the scenes of how to vision and build a movement, how to step into our deepest purpose and build the support, systems and business that can truly support the depth of your vision. 

This one is for all my sacred business women out there…who are looking to feel seen,heard and gotten on this incredibly vulnerable and deeply gratifying journey…

Madeline shares – about the nitty gritty of how to stay true to building your visions as a sacred businesswoman- how to scale your vision- and all the ways in which we get stuck along the way– so many of them 

In this conversation:

  • What does it take to build a vision?
  • Where do we most often get stuck?
  • What do most of us need in order to grow a sacred business? 
  • What is it to empower women to create new ways of being in business and supporting each other?
  • How do our own personal stories, wounds and journeys serve us to dig deeper, and grow more committed to our visions?

Madeleine Wyke Silva, the Creator of the 7-Figure Freedom Method, has a unique point-of-view on how to rapidly grow your vision, impact and profits in a way that aligns the spiritual with the physical.

As a rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom, and writer with big dreams, she know what it’s like to have a BIG vision and craving to make a BIG impact, but struggle with the execution.

Picture this: a small-town girl from Sweden at age nineteen moving to a foreign country ten-thousand miles from home with a dream of building a life out of two tiny suitcases.

That same girl spent years hustling to high 6-figures and discovered the never-ending loop of stress, exhaustion, and endless demands. Until at the age of 44, Madeleine decided to sell everything and start over. That single decision led her to the 7-figure freedom she’s enjoying today.

Madeleine’s mission is to share this proven method with you to accelerate your business in ways that allow you to truly soar, expand your impact, and give you the freedom you crave.

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