RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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In this evocative episode, Elayne Kalila traces what it looks like for us to take action as Red Mavens and Harlots.

…You’re gonna want to listen just to hear what it actually means to be a harlot!

We need the Red Mavens and Harlots to help us enter a radical kind of feminine leadership that is now needed … especially after these two years in the Covidian Era and as we encounter the horror of war in the Ukraine (and all around the world)?

What can we do? How do we respond? How do we stand in our feminine leadership—even in the face of this continual patriarchal tyranny?

We call upon the Red Mavens & Harlots … because those of us who hold this type of red thread know we are in a powerful time in history.

During this episode, Elayne Kalila also shares about her work with Eve Ensler and the City of Joy in the Congo … aka modern day Red Mavens and Harlots at work! and the incredible movement of One Billion Rising.

Here’s some of what Elayne explores in this episode:

  • Who are the Harlots and the Red Mavens? Why is this archetype rising in us now?
  • What we can learn from the women throughout history who have stood in the face of great adversity.
  • What would it look like for millions of us to rise up in the face of the misuse of power?
  • How does being in our embodied joy, brilliance, and power offer a way to respond to the horror?
  • What prayer can we unite in?

The Red Maven says:

We carry the purpose, in our DNA, of why we came here.
We are here to remember, reclaim, and embody our sacred purpose.

We have creative power to manifest our deepest soul desires and longings—in service to love.

We are here to birth ourselves as fully embodied humans (anthropos … a marriage between our human and divine aspects).

We are here to reawaken the power of our ancient root system that has never been severed—only “forgotten.”

This red thread connection is one that feeds and nourishes us in the deepest, most powerful ways.

When we are connected to our Source, we can remember our birthright as creatrixes.

Feel the red thread breathe through you, activating your bloodlines.

…After all, we are at the crossroads. Our world continues to tip on its axis and the structures that were laid over the last 2-3 thousand years are finally beginning to falter…

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