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Life & Death, Grief & Love—With Damascena Tanis

Join Elayne Kalila alongside the amazing astrologer and priestess, Damascena Tanis, as they travel through the mythic and human realms that make up our complex, beautiful, challenging lives. 

With all the deep transits that have been happening collectively, we’re all being called to navigate a different landscape—internally and externally. 


Some of what they dive into:

  • Saturn just moved to Pisces, Pluto to Aquarius. 
  • These are heavy hitting planetary reconfigurations. Damascena gives us her unique and highly perceptive take on how we may experience this shift.  
  • The power that grief has to transform and change us. 

This is a very tender share where they both share openly about how the loss of those close to us (including Damascena’s son), has transfigured their lives. 

Be sure to listen to how they have been challenged to dive deep within the wells of loss and return with the treasures that come from the alchemy of grief.

Free Offering: Damascena has a private portal of Venus Mystery School material on her website. It’s available to everyone who signs up for her mailing list


Damascena Tanis is a writer, astrologer, and recently bereaved mother, living on the shores of Lake Erie with her three earthbound children. Currently, Damascena is most involved with learning how to parent a fourth child who has journeyed beyond the veil. She writes about this journey, astrology, spirituality, and her messy human life on her popular website,

In 2020, Damascena founded The Planetary Priestess Mystery School, devoted to marrying earth and sky within the body. Each year, she takes women through a transformative journey of Venus Wisdom, called “Sky Dancer.” Weaving together her work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, childbirth doula & educator, astrologer, & lifelong apprenticeship with the deities of death, loss, longing, & grief, she is devoted to helping her students and clients awaken to the miracle of incarnation.

As an astrologer and spiritual adventurer, all of her work is in service to cultivating emergent archetypes, so we have new templates to write more life-giving stories. Through these emergent archetypes, she helps her students and clients embody more of their own humanity, as they walk their path in life, love, and leadership. 

You can find all of Damascena’s work, including her journey with loss, at: 

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