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Menopausal Musings—With Elayne Kalila

Join Elayne Kalila as she wraps up Season 3 of the amazing Red Podcast.

In this episode, she talks about how women over 50 are the largest growing population on the planet, and unlike many of our mothers before us, we have a lot of opportunities, education, power, and choice. Exploring these privileges is incredibly important. 

It’s menopausal women who have the opportunity to truly influence and change the world we’re living in!

In this intimate menopausal musing, she invites you to nestle up with her as she shares insights from her own journey and from speaking with many other women about being wildly perimenopausal!

Let’s take a wild ride and muse on what this transition is really all about and how we’re learning to navigate it through each other’s wisdom and insight.

Some of what she shares in this episode:

  • How menopause and perimenopause calls women into a new form of leadership
  • Embracing the “saging” process  
  • What the Queen and Empress archetypes hold as impasse for this time of life 
  • What it means to be an embodied role model
  • Empty nesting—even for those who never had their own birth children
  • The power of saying “no”
  • Legacy and what it really is


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