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Kit Maloney: Yoni & Womb Love – June 8th

Join Elayne Kalila and her priestess sister Kit Maloney the founder and innovator of Kitara – where she teaches, educates, inspires and supports women to come home to power of their yoni’s and wombs. 

Elayne Kalila and Kit met many years ago when Kit came through the 13 Moon Mystery School Priestess training – and since then Kit has blossomed her life and sacred work in the world to be an incredible advocate and voice for women to heal and connect to their power through the beauty and gentle practice of Yoni steaming. 

In this conversation Kit tells her beautiful story of how she was brought into connection with her own yoni and womb- and her deep resistance to the calling to embody and ground this work in the world. “You want me to talk about stamping my yoni!!!??? — REALLY?”

Some of what we dive into:

  • What is yoni steaming? And why is it such a powerful practice?
  • How have we been excluded from our own bodies?
  • The biological, emotional and spiritual significance of the Yoni
  • What are some of the gifts that this practice can open in us?
  • Yoni steaming and menopause
  • How we can lead from our yoni!


My guest today, Kit Maloney, has been in the world of women’s health and wellness for over twenty years. Over the past two decades, she’s been an academic, entrepreneur, victim advocate, and pleasure activist.  Kit’s earned a Masters degree in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has been featured widely in the media, including Glamour, Self, and Bustle. Marie Claire named Kit an “Amazing Woman” for her work celebrating women’s sexuality.  

After experiencing for herself the tremendous healing benefits of vaginal steaming, Kit set out to help spread the word of yoni steam magic all over the world by launching her newest venture, Kitara.  

Kitara makes beautifully designed and hand-crafted products for safe and easy in-home vaginal steaming and you can check it out at

The Kitara product line includes everything you need to steam!  From 1:1 consultations to gorgeous steam seats, to custom organic herbs, to special hand dyed robes and blankets, Kitara makes it safe, easy and joyful to benefit from the ancient healing modality of vaginal steaming in the comfort of your home. 


For $22 off all Kitara yoni steam seats, including savings bundles, use the code: RedLove

I referenced this blog post: How to Yoni Steam without a Special Seat

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