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Rachel Capurso (Aeolian Heart) –  Magik, Alchemy, & Astrology

Join Elayne Kalila and Rachel (Aeolian Heart) as they dive into the three branches of esoteric study: Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology. 

These are three sister sciences of hermeticism—an ancient philosophy that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt.

We discuss how astrology is the study of the stars and our relationship to them, alongside the motions of the planets. Rachel shares how the cycles of time actually give us vital information about our own consciousness, evolution, and development. 

Rachel explores how alchemy is just a very lucid observation of the creative principle in the universe itself. And magic is simply the idea that you have a divine spark within you—that which makes you a creator. 

All three support us to deepen with our shadow work and reveal self gnosis. 


Some of what we dive into: 

  • The history of alchemy, magic, and astrology—how they’re interrelated
  • The depth of shadow work & transformation that these esoteric sciences gift us
  • Rachel’s fascinating history of how she came to be a shadow dancer and expert astrologer 
  • The first stages of alchemy & how to use these stages
  • The prophecy of fear & how it can serve you to address shadow material 
  • Thanking your enemies & how this gives you a depth of compassion and humility that serves your personal journey 



Rachel is the creator of Aeolian Heart Astrology, a voice that speaks to free spirits and free minds. She illuminates the timeless wisdom of Hermetic philosophy with a unique blend of pop-culture, history and art. She believes that astrology is magic because following the rhythm of the planets reveals life as a graceful dance. Her natal chart readings awaken the soul, reigniting one’s passion, purpose and flow. Since 2015, she’s been sharing the light of the stars through her writing and teaching. And she has inspired thousands of clients and students to get back into alignment with who they were born to be.

HEARTBEAT: Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Natal Chart 

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