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Alegna Moss: Embodied Magic

Join Elayne Kalila and  Alegna Moss as they dive into all things magical! 

Together, they discuss how so many of us get shut down to our intrinsic magic – something that we are so deeply connected to within our childhoods. They explore the fears, projections and ways that we continue to get shut down as we grow up – another version of the with wound, or the priestess wound.

Alegna, shares candidly about her own  life path and how she connected to her magic, only to have it shut down by her Mothers fears of what her “wayward” daughter was getting into. And with that what it has taken to open herself back up again.  

Some of what we dive into: 

  • Magic and ancestral lineages- how this connection has changed everything for her
  • How do we co-create magic into our lives? 
  • How do we create magic in our relationships? 
  • How are magic and freedom connected? 
  • How do we engage with our shadow to find our magic? 


Alegna Moss is a Spiritual Life Coach who helps women master their energy so they can create a life they love with flow instead of hustle. ****She works with entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, and leaders who want to weave their unique magic as the authentic expression of their soul’s truth. Through a mix of intuition and aligned action, she teaches her clients to create abundance on their own terms. Her mission is to help women remember the magic within them and share it with the world.

Alegna believes the new paradigm we’re co-creating is shifting society from a competitive environment that thrives on following someone else’s blueprints for success, to a holistic expression of creativity and service that thrives on authenticity, balance, collaboration, and sovereignty. You can learn more about her work at


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