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Celebrating Birth through Death – The Magdalene Rose Oracle

It may seem odd to celebrate the birth of something through the portal and gateway of death, but this is exactly what I’m inviting us to do. 

In this poetic, deep dive into how intimately birth and death are interwoven into our lives, I share my personal story of how my miscarriage gave birth to something else…    

Join me as I weave my story through spoken word and musical compositions from Bam Vox, creating an exquisitely feminine journey that we can all relate to…


In this episode, I explore:

  • Miscarriage as a rite of passage that is miscarriage—how its power is vastly minimized & misunderstood 
  • Navigating between the realms 
  • When the Magdalene showed up in the midst of my miscarriage as a guide, mentor, and soul love 
  • How the soul of an unborn being can be a guide to the next iteration of life
  • The creative process is alchemical in nature, challenging us to embrace what is being let go, in order to embrace what’s coming
  • How grief and love, and love and grief are explicitly interwoven, pointing us to understand the cycles of creation and destruction 

As women, our bodies are uniquely designed to create life in all forms—from babies, to families, to projects, and dreams. We carry this amazing Creatrix energy within us.

And, with every creation, there’s a death of the old self, the old way of doing things. 

Each of us is always simultaneously, ceaselessly weaving birth, death, and rebirth. 

Join me as I share how my miscarriage offered me the shamanic rite of passage out of which the Magdalene Rose Oracle came into being. 

You’ll also experience a reading from the oracle deck (listen to discover more!) AND get a sneak peek of the 6 new musical/spoken tracks from Red Velvet Sun that will be released later this year.

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