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The Modern-Day Magdalene

Join me and New York Times best-selling author, Magdalena Kathleen McGowan, as we travel deep and wide into the landscape of The Magdalene—the historical woman and the collective archetype. 

This riveting episode goes fast and furious, as we’re both fiery, red-headed Celtic women! 

Kathleen has spent her life dedicated to the reclamation of the voices and stories of important women, creating a herstory through her historical novels. The Magdalene is probably the most famous of all…

In this episode, we explore how Mary Magdalene may be one of the most influential and important figures who changed the course fo Western history. 

Kathleen and I are deeply inspired by the Magdalene and how to embody being modern-day Magdalenas. 

Some of what we explore:

  • Magdalene as a role model for the modern woman
  • The greatest crime against Mary Magdalene 
  • How Magdalene changed the course of Western history
  • Magdalene & the feminine face of Christianity
  • The Way of Love as an embodied practice
  • What it means to become a fully realized human being



Kathleen McGowan’s journey to becoming a foremost expert in the field of women’s histories encompasses decades of research and global travel, as well as her own life’s initiations. She has spent 30 years studying the legends of Mary Magdalene in France, and that of the women who have claimed her as their spiritual godmother for over 2000 years: queens, warriors, scholars, mystics, women who changed the world but have been unsung. As the New York Times and global best-selling author of “The Magdalene Line” trilogy, her books broke foreign language distribution records, appearing in 40+ languages, even while the content was controversial and ahead of its time. Her new book, The Boleyn Heresy, was an instant Amazon bestseller and #1 in multiple categories.  She is also a regular contributor on the History

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