RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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Thema Azize Serwa: Womb Power Join me and the audacious, amazing Thema Azie Serwa as we fire-up a conversation about our wombs and Woman God … which happens to be the name of Thema’s new book! Thema is a Red Woman Magdalena if ever there was one! Thema is a dose of rocket fuel, so get ready for some high speed, say-it-like-it-is, raw, honest, vulnerable, and hilarious truth spilling moments.  In this episode, you’ll hear all about magick, mystery, womb healing, spiritual awakening, and so much more!  We both love to ask uncomfortable questions so as to understand how we’re called to find the sanctity of our wombs, awaken our magic, and step into our fullest expression of love.  Thema shares her profound healing journey through the remembrance of her womb … and how this changed nearly everything in her life.  This riveting episode will have you laughing, crying, and blushing … and most importantly, knowing nothing is impossible if we choose alignment…

Some of what we explore:

  • How to reclaim our spiritual lineages
  • Our womb story 
  • How to honor the wisdom of your womb
  • Why we make excuses to NOT be as powerful as we actually are
  • Womb as the center of your power
  • Creating rituals that create meaning & connection to our wombs


Imagine being 2 years old, standing on top of your mother’s dining room table, preaching about wars you fought in your baby gibberish, then laying hands on people saying “heal” and they heal.  Reverend High Priestess, Thema Azize Serwa, as a child, would steal her mother’s lotion and stuff plants in them and call it medicine. She is unapologetically God’s juju girl. By age 6, Thema launched her first business, and has owned a non-profit and multiple for profit businesses, all of her life. Here she is over 30 years later, Founder and pioneer of The Womb Sauna blazing a trail of divine feminine power that is undeniable.  With a brand in 15 different countries, Thema has reached millions through her consistent message to heal everything.  As a viral sensation, best selling author, ordained interfaith minister, and radically authentic leader, she has already documented her impact in Sheen Magazine, Huffpost, Femi Magazine, Fox News, and many other media outlets throughout the world. For Thema, your empowerment is her passion. She brings you a little closer to God. FREE GIFT: 

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