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The Way of Love

Join me and my beautiful sister, Dr. Nicola Amadora, as we explore the Magdalene and the Way of Love. 

This is one of the most heart-opening, deeply honest conversations I’ve ever had. 

Nicola is a heart-sister of mine; I feel such kindred love for her. She’s an extraordinary speaker and transmitter of what it means to walk the Way of Love

Prepare to have your heart opened and confronted by what love actually is. It’s not as simple as it seems… 

Come explore shadow work, humility, kindness, and fierce courage from the lens of being divinely human. 

This is a tender hearted, humorous chat that will have you daring to examine all the ways that you are being called into your own path of spiritual and human maturation! 


Some of what we explore:

  • What is the Way of Love, anyway?
  • What are some of the most common ways that we’re challenged when we step onto this path?
  • What are the greatest challenges that we face when we’re called  to ask “what would love do now?”
  • What are some of the funniest and most moving challenges that we can face when we truly see through the eyes of love? 



Nicola Amadora Ph.D. offers a powerfully real and embodied, feminine spiritual path as a Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Women Leader, Author, and Speaker. For three decades she has been ushering thousands of women home. Nicola is passionate about the deep feminine way and our red lady Mary Magdalene and teaches retreats, courses and trainings worldwide. Nicola is wildly devoted to Her way – being fully human, living the soul fire as a woman, and turning lives and this shaken world around.



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