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Mary Magdalene, Easter Bride

Join Elayne Kalila and the wonderful Magdalene Elder Margaret Starbird as they presence the lesser-known story of Easter, the starring role that Mary Magdalene had in the Passion of Christ, and how excluding her from the story and the Church has caused such disarray in our world.

Margaret has devoted much of her life to researching and writing about the lost bride or the “Bride in Exile,” aka Mary Magdalene, and has extensive knowledge and chapter and verse that she brings to this dialogue.

Together they dive into the incredible ‘herstory” of the Sacred Union Goddess Cults that predate Christianity, to Magdalene as the holy grail, and how the bible can be used as an oracle!  

Margaret tells wonderful stories of how she went from being a devout Catholic woman who was horrified at the idea of Magdalene and Yeshua in sacred union to becoming one of the grandmothers of the modern Magdalene movement.

Some of what we dive into:

  • How the incredible importance of Mary Magdalene is hidden in plain sight if we know where to look
  • Who is Mary Magdalene as the Easter Bride, as the other main character alongside Yeshua?
  • What is the major design flaw in the Catholic Church?
  • What is the Magdalenes’ message for our time?
  • What is the movement from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius signaling to us?
  • How do we walk as modern-day Magdalenes?

Margaret Starbird a Theologian, Scholar, and Author, holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Maryland and did graduate study at Christian Albrechts Universität in Kiel, Germany, and at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, TN.

A “cradle” Roman Catholic, Starbird taught CCD classes for children and for many years has presented lectures and retreats centered on the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Union at the heart of Christianity. She has been interviewed for numerous TV documentaries both in the USA and in Britain and is the author of several widely acclaimed books about the sacred Feminine in the Christian tradition: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar (1993), and The Goddess in the Gospels: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine (1998). Her Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile, was published in 2005. Her other titles include Magdalene’s Lost Legacy and The Feminine Face of Christianity, both published in 2003 and a book co-authored with a Jungian therapist, Joan Norton: 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine (2008).

Starbird and her husband of fifty-five years have five grown children, and eleven grandchildren and reside in Washington State.

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