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Ancient Egyptian Mysteries

Join Elayne Kalila and the wonderful Lara Maysa Ingram as they dive into the world of ancient Egyptian Mysteries and why there is such a fascination with the ancient hermetic teachings and how they are still so relevant for us today in the ravaged world we are navigating.

Together they discuss what it is to make a pilgrimage to any sacred site and how we are changed and transformed by these kinds of deep soul rememberings and callings.

They grapple with the moment that we find ourselves in as a global community as we are called to face the current atrocities – in particular the war in Gaza and genocide against Palestinian peoples.

They speak into how the ancient mysteries and the power of alchemy can inform us as we look for the ways that we can recognize and embrace our individual and collective shadows, and at the same time hold the vision of the world that we are calling forward.

Some of what we dive into:

  • How Lara received a powerful message for her own soul’s evolution through a stray cat, and how listening between the veils is what begins a spiritual journey.
  • Who Sekhmet is and why she is such a potent archetype to support us in destroying illusions and embracing true, authentic, and humble service
  • Sekhmet’s teachings and how they are relevant to late-stage patriarchy
  • The power of prayer, ceremony, and using our voices to effect alchemical changes in our world
  • How do we stand as Priestesses in this world and lean into the power of our presence to create change?
  • What are the the 42 ideals of Ma’at and what is her significance for our modern-day lives?

Lara is an Egyptian teacher of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries, ritualist and storyteller who guides groups on transformative journeys of self-discovery and consciousness raising through pilgrimages in Egypt. Lara has been fortunate to blend her Egyptian heritage with her current home in Bali, using it as a laboratory to master the art of ceremony. Through her rich exposure and connection to these cultures steeped in ancient wisdom and ritual practices, she has come to believe that the world is a ceremony and our lives are the offering.

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