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Sacred Ritual Theater

Join Elayne Kalila and the wonderful Isis Indriya as they dive into the power of the Egyptian Mysteries and lineage of Sacred Ritual Theater.

Sacred Ritual Theater has been a part of our human experience since the beginning of time. Come on this fascinating and illuminating dialogue where they explore the roots of ritual, theater, healing, and the importance of why this sacred ancient art is being reclaimed at this time.

Priestesses of ancient times were deeply steeped and trained in the art of Sacred Theater and Prayerformance.

In this episode: 

  • Learn about the transformative power of theater and the divine, unpacking the idea of co-creating with elements and gods in ancient theaters
  • Dive into the ancient traditions of ritual theater, where participants become cosmic forces and shape culture and society through storytelling and alignment with the cosmos
  • The importance of listening and paying attention to the intelligence and communication from the cosmic realms, and creating in alignment with them
  • What it means to become a “vessel” for the living archetype in mystery school work, involving purification and cleansing practices to become a clear vessel for energy
  • What the difference is between “acting” and “embodying” an archetype
  • The value of studying sacred sciences and mystery traditions, which can help build strength and deepen one’s understanding of the cosmos, leading to a greater connection with the divine
  • The importance of reimagining and revitalizing social roles and functions through storytelling and ritual initiation
Born in Mesa, Arizona, Indigenous to and raised on the island of Guam, Isis Indriya dedicates her life in service to prayer, education, and community activism. She is an educator and founder of The Academy of Oracle Arts and Imaginal Community where she teaches many classes alongside other luminaries.

She offers classes in Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, as well as a 9-month Apprenticeship program in Oracular Arts.

With the loss of her Mother, Deborah, at age of 4, her desire to commune with the Unseen, the Ancestors, and those on the other side has been at the forefront of her life and what led her to Ritual as a way of Life. At the age of 17 she moved to the US and began her studies in mythology & breathwork which led to the focus of Ancient Mystery studies, Sacred Sciences, and Earth Wisdom Traditions.

With cultivation of community at the heart of her offering, she has spent over 20 years in event production, ritual, and education as a way to create culture and share her passion for the sacred sciences of the Ancients, Indigenous wisdom, cultural exchange, and inner transformation.

Isis is also lead producer of The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, where she has hosted hundreds of thought leaders and entertainers from around the world.
As a community builder, Isis also leads powerful annual pilgrimages to Egypt and hosts community gatherings at her Temple in Northern California.


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