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The Power of Alchemical Art

Join Elayne Kalila and her soul sister Eden Amadora as they dive into the alchemical power of creativity and music. Come with them as they debunk some of the most common shadows so many have internalized about who gets to be creative or artistic! This one is for you if you’ve ever said, “I can’t sing, draw, or dance!”

Together they dive deep into the shadowlands to see how art is alchemical in nature, and how every one of us has access to the incredible power of art to work with the parts of self that we have cast out. 

Eden shares about her own deep shadow work with confronting her internalized judgment and separation from the masculine and her anger with the male face of God. This deep processing birthed an incredible body of work through her called the “Sun Heart,” a 3-month self-study program through the rite of Hieros Gamos, the inner marriage.  

They also share how important it is for us as women to heal any parts of our inner world where we are in judgment, contempt, or hatred for the masculine, and understand that masculinity is not the same as patriarchy – although they are so often conflated and seen as the same thing.

You’ll want to hang out to the end of this one to hear a very intimate acapella preview of a new song Eden is currently working on that is STUNNING!

In this episode: 

  • How we avoid and resist looking at the darker shadow aspects of self, and how this can keep us stuck on our life path
  • What it is to enter into alchemical work with our shadows and least liked parts of self
  • How we need to discern the difference between patriarchy and masculinity and how this can free us from the internalized projections onto men that continue to separate us
  • Hear an intimate LIVE acapella version of a beautiful new song that Eden is dedicating to the sacred marriage of Yeshua + Magdalene

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Eden is an Ordained Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School, a Divine Feminine lineage. She has been facilitating women for over 10 years in Archetypal Feminine Embodiment. She is also an author, speaker, coach, mentor, and spiritual guide devoted to supporting beings in remembering the truth of how powerful, beautiful, and divine they are.

Her work is focused on helping beings fully embody and bring forth the love and the unique gifts that reside inside of them, so that they can move through this world from a place of balanced wholeness, confidently trusting their own innate wisdom and rising into their soul-aligned purpose.

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