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The Priestess Wound

Join Elayne Kalila as she dives into the shadows that so many of us hold around the word “priestess.” 

Why is it that so many of us are both attracted and repelled by this word? 

What is about the ancient/modern/future priestess that both scares and intrigues us?

In the brief and impactful share, Elayne Kalila takes us on a journey into the “herstory” of the priestess, so we can begin to unpack the wounds and shadows that so many of us carry individually and collectively. 

Over the last 11 years of curating and focalizing the Priestess Presence School of the Sacred Arts + Temple, Elayne Kalila has worked with 1000s of women on their path to remembering and reclaiming what it means to walk as a modern-day priestess. In this process, she has done deep and very profound research on the nature of the Priestess Wound and how it affects those of us who are called to step into ceremonial leadership and remember our magic, intuition, seership, alchemy, and healing abilities.

In this episode: 

  • Hear Elayne Kalila’s story of unpacking internalized patriarchial abuse and patterning that kept her from stepping fully into her own mission and purpose
  • Learn the one thing that literally 1000s of women have in common when they first step onto the path of the priestess
  • Feel where you are on your own journey of reclaiming yourself as a priestess, medicine woman, oracle, seer, witch…
  • Understand how your own healing and liberation are part of the collective awakening and how important it is that each one of us do this healing work at this time
  • Receive an invitation to a special masterclass where Elayne Kalila goes more deeply into the 6 priestess wounds and the gifts that lie within them


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