RED is the origin story of your sovereign power; your fierce tenderness; your graceful wild; your bold, ecstatic birthright.

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In this episode, Elayne Kalila reveals another face of the Inner Magdalene—the Rosa Mystica—who holds the mystery of the circuitry of Love with a capital L … and another juicy track from the Red Velvet Sun (which is sure to intoxicate you)!

The Rosa Mystica is the full bloom of the heart. 

What can this teach us about abundance, prosperity, wealth, love?

How do you stay open to love—especially when facing the unknown or uncertainty? 

When we’re stressed and feel tight, we can think that there’s not enough in life—not enough time, money, love, support, space … you name it…

…And the more fearful we become, the more we contract and the more we feel a sense of lack. 

Here’s some of what Elayne explores in this episode:

  • What is love, anyway?
  • How do we connect into our hearts? 
  • How do we really receive?
  • What is the connection between giving and receiving? 
  • What is abundance and fulfillment?

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